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SRMLogger v2.1.1 release

SRMLogger v2.1.1 release

You can get App which named SRMLogger from below.

What’s New

The following changes have been made in version 2.1.1.

  • Change of stimulation (average) is also plotted on the graph
  • support android 5.0 over

In addition, the following bugs have been fixed.

  • Fixed a bug that error is displayed when registering stimulus empty
  • Fixed a bug that an index error appears when viewing the log screen after deleting a plan

What's SRMLogger

SRMLogger is an app which support to carry out SRM(Social Rhythm Metric). SRM is an effective method of treatment Emotional disorder (Depression and Bipolar disorder).

SRM is a method which notice to keep regular routine makes to keep remission state of Emotional disorder (Depression and Bipolar disorder).

In SRM, you plan the from 5 (simple edition) to 17 (in-depth edition) actions which becomes a daily life's point .
And you record those time and stimulation (0: case of you're alone, +3: case of you had exciting time with many people) you acted.
And you record the day's feeling at the end of one day.

SRMLogger's main function is below.

  • The definition which is planning to action
  • record daily stimulation, feeling and carried out time of each action
  • Graphical representation of a change in feeling and a change in stimulation average

Each data of action plans and a carried out log's record are preserved on the cloud, so even if you change the smart phone, it's possible to continue and keep using it.

If you start app, please define action plans on the Plan screen first.
Next, tap the Log screen and record carried out log - tap each action and input carried out time and stimulation(+3 ~ 0).
At the end of one day, record feeling(-5 ~ +5).
You can change a target date to recording carried out log. You also can confirm the change in feeling by a chart on the Graph screen. Please utilize such as to show your condition to your doctor easily.