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How to avoid lightning aura:iteration's bug ( Rerendering child components in aura:iteration when parent attribute changed )


  • Lightning component


aura:iteration has a bug as child components in aura:iteration is not re-rendered when parent attribute changed.
The example is shown as below.

When a parent object (Contact) exists multiple records, the code moves well.
But after doing a rendering by more than one record once, when the number of records of a parent object is made a zero, an error occurs.
Because a parent object is empty, a programmer expects the code in aura:iteration to be never evaluated.
But in such the case, the code in aura:iteration is evaluated, and child component receive null attributes. It makes the error.

In the gone past, we seemed able to solve this error by surrounding child component with a span tag.

But, this problem isn't solved by this way now.


The solution is using the way of Dynamically Creating Components.

The example is shown as below.

ContactItems component is a wrapper component which wraps ComponentItem and aura:iteration.