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How to retrive parent custom sobjects field value by SOQL at Apex

Environment Apex SOQL Premise Note that when retrieving parent SObject information with the child SObject's retriving query, it is necessary to receive the SOQL execution result in the SObject type. For example, if you do the following, yo…

How to get data which made in @testSetup method at Apex

Environment Apex Prerequisites We cannot access variables which made in @testSetup method at @isTest method. The example is shown as below. Solution The solution is to select the test data by using SOQL again. gist.github.c…

How to select sObject with date type condition in correct timezone at Apex ( and SOQL )

Environment Apex Code For example I assume that you get a variable of two dates-type as follows already. Please refer to last entry for details of the FiscalYearCalculation.getLastFiscalYearPeriod method. Now, we'll select …

How to get Fiscal Year's start and end date at Apex

Environment Apex Code You can also use other literals (e.g. NEXT_FISCAL_YEAR, THIS_FISCAL_QUARTER and many ) to get each duration's start and end date with same method. Reference